Knotted Butterflies

make us equal again
stand my soul next to yours
useless stacks of bones
only the skins left
keeping us from home
on the front porch
you’ll find me
toasting drinks with projections
but you’ll bury me in regression
dirt, a drowning depression
bury me with your cocoon
in the hopes that i
may be a butterfly soon
too, and join you
spreading ourselves
and cruising the surface
never ceasing to make
me feel a tiny bit nervous
but we’re butterflies now
there for each other
knotted roses
in couples poses
costumes worn
parts played
hearts torn
life saved.


About somewhatidyllic

I really do enjoy having this sort of outlet. I will keep churning them out as long as someone is reading them. Feel free to share with your friends :) View all posts by somewhatidyllic

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